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The new season started!

Our seasonal maintenance went without an itch, all the aircraft have received their regular maintenance, and Janie had her overhauled engine installed and is back in action to join Marinell and the rest of the fleet for our airshow season, which will bring us to visit old and new venues across England.

You can see the complete list of our airshow appearances here (as usual please bear in mind that all our flight is subject to weather and serviceability), We are looking forward to see you all at our appearances and open days!!

Our Little Friends 2014, D-Day anniversary.

This year marks the 70th of Operation Overlord, the invasion of Northern Europe which brought the liberation from the Axis in less than a year.

Our Wartime Weekend this year will be dedicated to this memorable milestone in history, one that is of particular importance to us, because our P-51 Marinell is a D-Day veteran and saw intensive action during those days.

So make sure you don’t miss our Wartime Weekend! Information on dates and events are on the poster on the left, make sure you copy it and share it on your Facebook/Twitter!

A new website!

Last but not least, we have an important announcement about our website. We have received a lot of praise and compliments for the work done with it, we also had a lot of feedback, and our next step will be an even better version of our website, with many new features but with the good old feel that made it so popular :-)

Blue Skies!

The Hardwick Warbirds Team